Saturday, August 18, 2007

Romanian declined at grocery store. Sat, Aug 18, 2007.

08/18/2007. 867. I was shopping at a grocery store that was on the way home, after leaving the evening session of Stake Conference. In the store, I passed by two young adult men, 20-somethings, who appeared to be brothers and were speaking a foreign language. They came out of the store just a few seconds after I did, and so I asked them in the parking lot what languages they spoke other than English. They said Romanian. I offered them a free book in Romanian from my church, and one asked what church. After I answered, he said "We're Orthodox" in a tone that indicated he was declining the offer. I wanted to continue the discussion, but the tone of his "We're Orthodox" response was rather dismissive, so I didn't intrude any more upon them.

I did give the other young man a customized pass-along card, so they have something in case they get curious. I like those over the standard ones because it also says "Available in over 100 languages", whereas the church-produced cards don't mention foreign languages.

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