Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Chinese at restaurant. Wed, Jan 3, 2007.

01/03/2007. 776. I had a late lunch at a buffet that I've never been to before. I find that it's best to attempt book placements outside of the lunch and dinner rush hours. On several trips to and past my table, the waitress seemed to have noticed the Chinese and English copies of the Book of Mormon that I had on the table, but she was busy with other customers so I didn't initiate a conversation. When she brought me a refill of soda, there was only one other table of customers, and she had just attended to them, so I figured I could talk with her without disrupting her.

I asked if she liked to read Chinese, and handed the Simplified Chinese Book of Mormon to her. I forget her response, but I then asked if she was from China or Taiwan. Someone once pointed out to me that I should then be more specific about mainland China or Hong Kong, because now Hong Kong is part of China.

I tried some rudimentary Mandarin with her, and either I didn't get the pronunciation right, or she didn't speak Mandarin. I tried saying "Gay nee" which means "give you" and "mien fay" which means "free" or "no money."

Anyway she accepted both the English and the Simplified Chinese copies, and the "Finding Happiness" DVD. She immediately said something in Chinese to the other employee who was at the cashier counter. She was very grateful, and more curious than enthusiastic.

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