Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Moment #345, French/Hausa, Wed, June 22, 2005.

06/22/2005. French/Hausa at Post Office.

I picked up a package of Ebay purchases and took it to the outer lobby to open it. A lady who had been at the main counter next to me came out to the outer lobby and started addressing her packages at the table I was at. I could tell she was not fluent in English as she spoke with the postal clerk. I asked "Parlez vous francais?", and she said "oui." She spoke about 5 languages, including Hausa. I offered her free "church books" in French, English, and Hausa, and she eagerly agreed to accept them. I went out to the car and retrieved French/English copies of the Book of Mormon, and Hausa/English copies of Gospel Fundamentals. (I knew there were Hausa-speakers in town.) She excitedly accepted them.


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