Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Moment #535. Chinese. Wed, Mar 8, 2006.

03/08/2006. I was on the far side of town to go to a meeting and left a little early so I could do errands and eat right before the meeting. I decided to eat at a Chinese buffet where I hadn't been before. It was near a Vietnamese restaurant that I had previously been to. The Vietnamese restaurant was closed.

The Chinese restaurant was very humid. The cashier was not Asian, but the young lady putting food out appeared to be Asian. They were the only employees visible, but I could hear others in the kitchen.

The two dining areas had large screen TV's. One was on, and the volume was loud. It was tuned to a cable cartoon channel, so I sat where I could watch it.

The price was reasonable for the dinner hour, and the food good. You could hear the water boiling under the food trays and see lots of steam coming out, so the high humidity may have been due to the temperature set too high.

The cashier came by to collect my used plate, and she noticed the Chinese Books of Mormon I had placed on the table but she didn't say anything.

I felt a little guilty because I paid too much attention to the cartoons on the TV than watching to see if the Asian young lady saw the Books of Mormon on my table.

When I had finished, the Asian young lady was saying goodbye to some customers out in front of the cash register, therefore I could walk by her on my way out and offer the books.

She was very sweet and humble. I asked if she were from China or Taiwan. She said China, so I pulled out the Simplified Chinese Book of Mormon from my bag and asked if she liked to read in Chinese. She said yes, so I offered her the book, saying it was from my church and it was free. She graciously accepted it. She also accepted the English edition when I offered it to her.

She then went to a display table that had decorative items for sale. She picked out something to hang from your car's rear-view mirror. It was a hollow gourd-like object with a red tassle hanging from it. I thought that was sweet, and said thank-you in Chinese.


At 3/09/2006 07:43:00 PM, Blogger RyanMercer said...

That is nice of her to have given you that :) Not to be a stereotyper or a racist, but I tend to see asian people are like that. I had a friend in highschool who's father was from Japan and he is a very loyal guy, and humble... he slept in his truck 2 winters ago when it was in the single digits because he didn't want to trouble anyone by asking if he could crash on their couch, and if you ever help him out he always returns the favor with a token. I gave him some money to help him get himself situated in California while he started Grad School and he gave me one of his favorite blades in return. I wish more people were like that.


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