Tuesday, December 21, 2010

French/Wolof at gas station. Tue, Dec 21, 2010.

12/21/2010. Missed op? - I was on the other side of town running errands. As I turned at an intersection, I felt inspired to stop at a drug store next to a gas station. I bought something. Nothing happened at the drug store, but maybe I was supposed to talk to the cashier. She had a bright and shiny look to her, like she knew the Savior. Later I thought that I could have asked her what church she went to, and if she asked why I asked, I could have said something like "You have a glow or shine to you that says you know Jesus." Some may think that's weird, but I'm sure it was true.

12/21/2010. 1265. Before I got back in my car, I felt inspired to stop at the gas station next door, so I walked over there, and bought something. One of the employees looked African, but he was busy, so I asked the cashier if she knew where he was from, and she said Senegal. So I went out to my car and retrieved Wolof copies of Gospel Fundamentals and the Joseph Smith Testimony pamphlet, a French Book of Mormon, and a "Together Forever" DVD that has a french audio track. I forget if I included English copies of the books as well.

When I went back in, the Senegalese employee was accessible so I struck up a conversation with him by asking if he spoke French and Wolof, and he did. I offered the material and he very graciously and gratefully accepted it all.

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