Sunday, May 09, 2010

Lunch at neighboring church, Sun, May 9, 2010.

05/09/2010. 1239. My affinity for ethnic food led me to stop, on my way to our chapel, at a church whose congregation consists mainly of people from a certain other country. I first went there back in April to see if they served a post-services meal like a friend's church did. They did, and they gave me an open invitation to come back. So today I stopped by their church on the way to our Sunday meetings.

Today I arrived in the middle of their services and sat in their chapel. Someone loaned me an English Bible, and another person handed me their hymn-book.

After the service I was greeted warmly. (Probably better than walk-ins are greeted in our ward.) They did have an after-service meal planned. I said my church's services didn't start until 1:00pm, and I asked if I could eat with them if I made a donation. They said I was welcome to stay and partake, and didn't have to pay anything, and they asked which church I go to, so I told them.

I gave the pastor an envelope with a few dollars in it because I didn't want to be a mooch; he said it wasn't necessary, but I insisted. I also gave him a "Lamb of God" videotape in their language. It's pretty generic and is not proselyting oriented or specific to any beliefs that are uniquely LDS. I also offered him a Liahona magazine in their language.

Their food was pretty much along the lines of other meals that I've had at similar churches. I liked it. I sat at a table with several other men, and talked with the pastor and another gentlemen. The pastor had visited LDS services when he was a youth in his home country. He repeated his invitation to come back any time.

I think I'll go back.

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