Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Google immediately indexes Blogspot blog posts.

Google immediately indexes Blogspot blog posts.

Makes sense, since Google owns Blogspot.com (blogger.com).

I've tested this with a couple blogs. By putting a unique phrase (that's no where else on the web, I checked first) in a post, I've ensured that it "should" rank high when it's indexed by (added to) Google.

Yup. Within a minute, it shows up on Google.

So if immediacy is one of your priorities, consider hosting your blog at blogger.com.

I'm not sure if it works the same way if you use blogger.com as your blog administration tool (interface, front-end, etc.), but host it somewhere else under your own domain name. But I'm guessing that it does.

Even after several days, Bing and Yahoo have not indexed the same posts.



At 4/23/2010 12:59:00 AM, Blogger Kurt Hal said...

I love reading your blog and am inspired by what you do. I wanted to share with an experience I had two days ago while I flew home from a business meeting in Canada. It was on my flight from Detroit to SLC. I travel quite a bit for work so I try and have information ready to share at moments notice. One thing people need to understand is that if they don't feel comfortable at first with speaking up and offering LDS material to someone they shouldn't feel they are failing. There is always something they can do. For example, I rarely feel comfortable offering a person I sit next to on an airplane a Book of Mormon but that doesn't mean I can't flaunt it. It doesn't matter what book I am reading I always use a Book of Mormon pass-along card as my bookmark. So I sit in the sit and position the bookmark in a way that can clearly be read by the person sitting next to me. This gives them an opportunity to ask about it whether I force it on them or not.

So back to my story that happened a few days ago. I got to my seat and there was a nice couple sitting next to me. They were extremely nice and started a conversation with me. As I got situated in my seat I pulled out my Book of Mormon to read. I first put down my tray table and laid the book right out in the open for a few minutes so it was obvious what I was reading. I then began reading it and then she opened the door for me. She asked, "So what is the difference between the Mormon bible and the typical Christian bible?" Talk about throwing me a softball. From there I jumped at the opportunity and flipped through the pages, showed her the pictures, talked about the prophets and how it is truly ANOTHER testament of Jesus Christ. Within the first hour of the flight she had accepted the book as a free gift and had already read the testimony of Joseph Smith in the front. It was an amazing experience that I now cherish.

My overall point is, if you are scared to open your mouth and share, then flaunt the material in front of their face.

Keep on sharing!

At 5/04/2010 03:41:00 AM, Blogger Yo' Mama said...

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question/ramblings on Mormanity. I've always appreciated your comments to the crazies that sometimes like to harass. I also look forward to adding your blog to my weekly readings.

I agree whole heartedly with everything you've said. The ministering of angels is extremely important though to me because I lost a child. And as I try to sort through doctrine (by prayer and scripture study) I've also felt prompted to seek help from those who know more than me...

So what I conclude then is this, and please correct me if I've strayed... The Holy Ghost is with us when we invite his companionship and follow the commandments. He helps us Himself, Angels also help under the direction of Him who is ultimately directed by our Father. It doesn't really matter who is helping on the other side because God and His ways are perfect. For all we know, it could be Our Savior Himself.

Muchas Gracias my friend!! God bless you for taking the time to help.


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