Sunday, March 28, 2010

Key phrases for conversations.

03/28/2010. Journal entry. "Some day, in a future life, in a future world, you're going to chastise me because I didn't share these things with you sooner." I just wrote that in an email to a friend, inviting him to visit the church in his area:

Here are some other phrases that I've used or plan to use:

Conversation starter: "What church do you go to?"

Follow-ups: "You give off light. I could tell you believe in Jesus Christ."

"It must be a good church to attract a light-filled person such as yourself." Then wait for them to ask which church you go to. Let them set the direction of the conversation from there on.

I've used part of that before, and it makes for a nice interaction.

New idea: This year our ward meets from 1pm to 4pm. I'm going to invite myself to some other churches who meet in the mornings. There are at least seven churches within a mile of our ward building.

Possible conversation starter: "Our church doesn't start until 1pm, so I thought I'd stop by on my way and visit yours today. Do you mind?"

Watcha think? Probably wouldn't work if you have kids. Unless you have teenage boys and there aren't any girls their age in your ward. Say "Ok, let's go see if we can find any who want to join."

PS. Korean churches usually serve a meal after their services. So if you like Korean food... (But please make a donation to their church when they pass the plate. Don't be a free-loader.) And yes, I've done that!

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At 3/28/2010 09:04:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your ideas and pure devotion to missionary work. I think of the work you are doing in Indiana, and it keeps me motivated here in Nevada. God bless our efforts - the people who are seeking - the broken hearts that need the balm of Gilead.


At 3/31/2010 02:14:00 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

You've probably seen this, but I noticed that now has a three-column Book of Mormon with traditional Chinese, romanized Chinese, and English. At about $30.00, it's a bit pricey for bookslinging, but still something that I knew you were urging them to do a while back.


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