Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bengali in parking lot. Thu, Jul 16, 2009.

07/16/2009. 1167. I went to the missionaries' apartment to pick them up to take them to a lesson. As I was walking from my car to their apartment, a man drove by whose car stereo was blasting what sounded like Indian music in Hindi. He parked just a few feet away, so I paused a few seconds while he parked. He saw me standing there, so I motioned with my hand (index finger pointing up) indicating I wanted a minute of his time. When he got out of his car and approached me, I asked him if that was Hindi music he was playing. He said yes. I said that the reason I asked was that I had some free books in Hindi from my church, and would give him one if he wanted. He didn't seem interested. I mentioned we had other languages of India too, like Telugu, Sinhala and Bengali. When I said Bengali, he got very interested, and he said that he'd like to see one, since that was his main language. I said I had them in my car, and as I went to get one, he followed me. I made sure he knew they were religious and Christian in nature, and he said that was okay. I retrieved a Bengali copy and an English copy and presented them to him, and he eagerly accepted them. I pointed out my card inside, and that he could call if he wanted any more. "And I went on my way rejoicing."

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