Saturday, May 09, 2009

Follow-up, X declined, Scouting: Wolof, Bambara. Sat May 9, 2009.

05/09/2009. Follow-up. I had lunch with a single sister from the neighboring stake. We ate at a restaurant that I've been to before, and I wanted to do a follow-up there. After we paid, I asked the owner if he had read any of the book that I had given his wife on my previous trip. I don't think he had, but they still had it on a shelf under the cashier stand. They had given the English copy away to another employee or friend, and kept the one in their language. The man agreed to receive another English copy.

We went out to my car and I obtained an English Book of Mormon and another one in their language. There was another man at the restaurant, who I think was either a vendor or a friend of the owner who had been talking to him, and I thought of offering the other one to him.

The owner accepted the English language one (follow-up). But the other man declined (1136) the one in his language.

On the way home, I saw a new place kind of like a flea market mall. (Scouting.) I stopped in and it was where vendors rent lockable booths. I wandered around and met a family from Senegal who spoke Wolof, and a man from Mali who spoke Bambara. I only had copies of the Book of Mormon in the car. But there's no Book of Mormon in those lanaguages. There are translations of "Gospel Fundamentals"; but I had taken the copies of "Gospel Fundamentals" out of the car to make room for passengers. So I'll have to go back next week.

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