Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tagalog at store. Tue, Jan 20, 2009.

01/20/2009. 1106. I was volunteering (okay, it was one of those "calling/assignment" kind of things) at one of the church facilities in town, and wanted to stop at a grocery store and buy some sale items before I got back on the Interstate to go home.

In the same shopping center as the grocery was another kind of store, which I've been to before, but I don't usually go to. There's nothing particularly ethnic or immigrant about this other store, its employees or the customers. But the idea of going to this other one before going grocery shoppping came to mind. It wasn't an obvious spiritual prompting or impression, but the desire to go there felt like it was placed in me from an external source, so I took the gamble and went there to browse.

(One hallmark of a legitimate spiritual communication is that it's prompting you to do something that you aren't particular interested or anxious to do. If the idea is for something that you personally want to do, it's easy to "gin up" a prompting for it, and get confused as to whether it's from the Spirit or is your own idea.)

As I walked around, I heard an employee talking on the phone in a foreign language, so I went back to buy something from her station. She was from the Philippines and spoke Tagalog. I ended up offering her a DVD from church that has an audio track in Tagalog, "Together Forever." I think I described it as being about families, and how some husbands work too much. She agreed to receive it.

I asked, and she said it was okay to give it to her there at work. So I put my purchase down on a table, and went out to my car. I brought back a copy of "Together Forever" and "Our Heavenly Father's Plan". She had said something that made me think that one would be appropriate too, and it also has a Tagalog audio track.

She was genuinely enthusiastic to see and receive them. She said she'd watch at least one of them when she got home from work that night.

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