Thursday, September 18, 2008

Korean DVDs at coffee shop. Thu, Sep 18, 2008.

09/18/2008. 1066. I was driving home from the restaurant where I encountered the lady from Ethiopia.

There was a store on the corner of an intersection where I was going to turn. I felt a strong impression to go there. I went there, but it had closed a few minutes earlier. Sometimes the Spirit points out a place that I can see in order to direct me to somewhere that I can't see. So I wondered if there was another store in that area where I was supposed to go. Then as I drove past a national chain coffee shop (think "celestial" and "dollar"), it felt like I was supposed to go there. It took a moment to register, but I eventually stopped, turned around, and drove back to it.

Immediately before I entered, I held the door open for several Asian ladies as they were leaving. "Aha" I thought, they were the ones I was supposed to meet, but I wasn't quick enough and they walked on, while I went in. But I turned to look out the window, and saw them sit at an outdoor table, so there was still a chance.

I bought something to munch on, and walked past the ladies on my way to my car. I stopped and sort of did a double-take and asked the ladies what language they were speaking.

One of them said Korean. I then asked if they'd like a free copy of a Korean DVD from my church, and that it was about husbands who work too much (I was thinking of the "Together Forever" DVD). The lady who first spoke was very eager to see such as DVD. So I excused myself to get it from the car. They asked for three copies, but I only had two. I said they could call the toll-free number to get more. We chit-chatted a little bit, then I went home.

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