Friday, August 15, 2008

Punabi, at gas station. Fri, Aug 15, 2008.

08/15/2008. 1049. Again, it was a late night at a client's, and I was on my way home on the Interstate highway. I felt inspired to take an exit I don't normally take, and then take city streets the rest of the way. I was trying to think of all-night gas stations along the main road I was going to go on, but couldn't think of any. It had been a while since I had driven down that road, but I used to do so regularly when I lived at a previous residence.

After driving along that road, my attention was caught by a shopping center and a gas station about a block way along a cross-street. It was too late to turn, so I had to double back. The gas station was open, so I went in and bought some stuff. As I paid, I talked to the cashier and found out he spoke Punjabi. I offered a free copy of the Punjabi Sunday school manual from church, and he was very enthusiastic about it. I made sure he knew it was Christian religious material.

After paying, I took my purchases out to the car, got out a Punjabi copy and an English copy of Gospel Fundamentals, and went in, and stood at the end of the line. When it was my turn, I gave them to him, and he seemed very happy and grateful to receive them.

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