Monday, June 23, 2008

Videos at gas station. Mon, Jun 23, 2008.

06/23/2008. 1033. I pulled up to the pump at the gas station, and the next pump over, and the one next to that, had some Spanish-speaking men who appeard to just get off work. The way the men from both vehicles spoke to each other, I assumed they were part of the same crew. The thought occurred to me to offer them something.

I went inside, paid in advance, and came out and put gas in the car. I felt like chickening out, but decided to approach the man in the passenger seat of the car next to mine, since he was only a couple feet away from my driver side door.

I retrieved a couple of DVDs, Together Forever and Our Heavenly Father's plan from the back seat. I tried to be as low-key, polite and non-threatening as possible. He was just a teensy bit uneasy about being approached by a stranger. But I was standing immediately next to my car, so it wasn't like I was invading his space, or being where I wasn't supposed to be. The only thing "different" was actually talking to the person you're standing next to.

I spoke in Spanish, and asked if he'd like a couple of free DVDs from my church. I explained that they had Spanish audio on them. I asked if he had a DVD player, and he said yes. So I presented them, and he accepted them. I assumed he'd share them with the others in his group, but I didn't specifically say anything about that.

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