Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Twi at home improvement store. Wed, Jun 11, 2008.

06/11/2008. 1031. I was volunteering at the storehouse, and my supervisor and I went to a nearby home improvement store to buy some parts for our project. We took his car, so we didn't have the Book-of-Mormon-Mobile and its inventory handy.

Right inside the entrance, there was a lady and her children at the service desk. While the clerk was doing something to serve them, there was an opportunity to strike up a conversation, so I asked her where her family is originally from. She said Ghana. I asked if she spoke Twi, and she did. I offered her a free book from church in Twi and she agreed to receive one. We were both just starting our shopping, so I gave her the address of the storehouse and asked her to meet us there. I drew a little map for her, and gave her my cell phone number.

There is a bookcase at the storehouse front office with all the translations of the Book of Mormon on display, including Twi. I called the storehouse manager and told him of the encounter, and epxlained which book he should give her if she should get there before we did.

After we bought the stuff we needed, my boss and I went back to the storehouse, and a few minutes later she showed up, and I presented the books to her, along with a Bible, and she gratefully accepted them. I told her about an African grocery store near where she lives, and looked it up in a phone book and wrote down the address and phone number for her.

It was a very nice encounter.

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