Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chinese at Restaurant. Wed, Jun 25, 2008.

06/25/2008. 1035. I was on my way back home from another city where I had supper at a Thai restaurant.

I went by a shopping center in another town. This shopping center had caught my attention on my way to the other city going the other direction. I decided to explore this shopping center, and turned off the highway.

There was a Chinese restaurant there. I had just eaten, but I figured I could get some carry-out and eat it later. I went in an ordered a meal to go. I didn't take any material with me, but struck up a conversation with the young man taking customer orders at the cashier counter.

He agreed to see some of the material I had, so I brought in a Chinese and English Book of Mormon, a Chinese Liahona, and a couple DVD's, Together Forever and Finding Happiness. He ended up accepting the "Finding Happiness" DVD.

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