Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Urdu at restaurant (Church out of Urdu BoM.) Tue, Aug 28, 2007.

08/28/2007. 873. The manager of the restaurant where I had supper spoke four languages, Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic, and English.

The Punjabi material that the church has (the Gospel Fundamentals Sunday school manual, and the Joseph Smith Testimony pamphlet) is written in a Hindi script. But Punjabi-speakers from Pakistan use a modified Arabic script for Punjabi, so she couldn't read the church's Punjabi material. She's not the first person I've run into who has explained this. The Punjabi language being written in several different scripts is explained here.

She wasn't interested in Arabic material, but she did want Urdu material.

Unfortunately, I'm all out of give-away copies of the Urdu Book of Mormon. I have two left, one of which is on display somewhere, and one copy I want to keep in case I need to make photocopies. I don't get any response when I write to the Salt Lake Distribution center about it.

So I gave her an Urdu and English copy of the Joseph Smith Testimony pamphlet. I also offered her an Arabic/English bilingual (diglot) Bible, but she asked if I had any in Urdu. I did, but they were back home. I had bought a couple Urdu Bibles from the International Bible Society. So I told her I'd bring her one next time. I'll make a special trip there to give her one.

Update: December 2007. The church has come out with the full Urdu Book of Mormon.

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