Sunday, August 26, 2007

Twi to temple worker. Sun, Aug 26, 2007.

08/26/2007. Journal entry. I was at a fireside for Single Adults here in Indianapolis. The speaker was a counselor in the presidency of a nearby temple. During his talk he mentioned that he and his wife served a mission in Ghana. After his talk we chatted a bit about the Book of Mormon in two of the Ghanaian languages, Fante and Twi, and then I went out to my car and retrieved a Book of Mormon in Twi, and gave it to him.

I encouraged him to keep it in his car, and said if he did so, he'd likely meet someone who spoke Twi. He was friendly and smiled, but acted like my idea was a little "out there."

Later that night I emailed him and told him more of my story. I included in the email the name and phone number of a sister in a neighboring stake (the stake in between my stake and his home stake) who is from the same European country as his wife.

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