Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Took missionaries to restaurant. Wed, Aug 15, 2007.

08/15/2007. Journal Entry. I took two Spanish-speaking elders, who are assigned to the ward which shares our chapel, to a Mexican restaurant during their 3pm-5pm lunch break. I explained that I'd pay for their lunch if they offered a Bible and Book of Mormon to the waitress, and they could ask for an appointment or whatever else they felt inspired to do.

We had a nice lunch, and during one of the waitress's trips to the table, one of the Elders presented the Spanish Bible and the Spanish Book of Mormon to her.

She accepted the two books and agreed to an appointment for the missionaries to come by her house on her day off, but moved on to serve others before they could get her address. I gave one of the elders money to go pay the check, and when they went to the cashier to pay, one of them got her address and made an appointment.

On the way out, the elders greeted a couple guys playing pool, and ended up giving them a couple church videos on DVD, and getting an appointment with them too.

After we got back to their apartment, I gave them some supplies of Spanish Bibles, Spanish copies of the Book of Mormon, pamphlets, and a few old copies of Spanish Liahona magazines, along with some copies of the info-flyer that I use (that has all the local chapel addresses on it.)

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