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Language Material Listings now available for download.

The church's "Language Material Listings" are now available for download from If that link doesn't take you directly there, go to their main page, click on "Other Language Materials" then click on "List of Available Items by Language." There are 164 languages listed, including English Braille and Spanish Braille.

These items list all the materials that are available in a given language. The first three things available are usually the Joseph Smith Testimony pamphlet, Gospel Fundamentals (aka Gospel Principles Simplified), and the Book of Mormon.

For a list of which languages have a Book of Mormon translation, click here, or my page here. There are 106 languages, plus English Braille and Spanish Braille.

Here are the languages which have any church material available. The last 3 digits of the Catalog # are the 3 digit country code in the LDS cataloging system. Download these files here.

Catalog # Name

93015500 Afar
93015501 Afrikaans
93015502 Akan-Fante (aka Fante)
93015503 Akan-Twi (aka Twi, aka Twi-Asante)
93015101 Albanian
93015506 Amharic
93015102 Arabic
93015201 Armenian (East)
93015104 Armenian (West)
93015014 Aymara
93015514 Bambara
93015515 Banda
93015520 Baule
93015114 Belarussian
93015522 Bemba
93015242 Bengali (aka Bangla)
93015851 Bikolano (aka Bikol)
93015852 Bislama
93015112 Bulgarian
93015256 Burmese
93015019 Cakchiquel
93015258 Cambodian
93015267 Cantonese Chinese, audio-video material.
93015115 Catalan
93015853 Cebuano
93015855 Chamorro
93015265 Chinese written in Traditional Characters, for both Mandarin and Cantonese
93015266 Chinese written in Simplified Characters, for both Mandarin and Cantonese
93015539 Comorian
93015541 Crioulo
93015119 Croatian
93015121 Czech
93015110 Danish
93015275 Divehi
93015120 Dutch
93015553 Efik
93015124 Estonian
93015559 Ewe (pronounced EH-veh)
93015561 Fang
93015858 Fijian
93015130 Finnish
93015562 Fon
93015140 French
93015563 Fula (aka Fulani)
93015565 Futa
93015150 German
93015859 Gilbertese
93015133 Greek
93015033 Guarani
93015036 Haitian-Creole
93015584 Hausa
93015860 Hawaiian
93015861 Hiligaynon (aka Ilonggo)
93015294 Hindi
93015295 Hmong
93015135 Hungarian
93015190 Icelandic
93015593 Igbo (aka Ibo)
93015864 Ilokano (aka Iloku)
93015299 Indonesian
93015160 Italian
93015300 Japanese
93015308 Kannada
93015043 Kekchi
93015613 Kikongo
93015617 Kirundi
93015618 Kisii
93015320 Korean
93015868 Kosraean
93015624 Kpelle
93015044 Kuna
93015331 Laotian
93015153 Latvian
93015639 Lingala
93015156 Lithuanian
93015644 Luganda
93015654 Malagasy
93015348 Malay
93015349 Malayalam
93015655 Malinke (Mandinka)
93015159 Maltese
93015046 Mam
93015268 Mandarin Chinese, audio-video material
93015871 Maori
93015355 Marathi
93015874 Marshallese
93015669 Mauritian
93015048 Maya
93015363 Mongolian (in Russian/Cyrillic alphabet)
93015681 Moore (Mossi)
93015054 Navajo
93015687 Ndebele
93015878 Neomelanesian
93015372 Nepali
93015880 Niuean
93015025 Nivacle
93015170 Norwegian
93015881 Palauan
93015882 Pampango
93015883 Pangasinan
93015058 Papiamento
93015381 Pashto
93015382 Persian (aka Farsi)
93015885 Pohnpeian
93015166 Polish
93015059 Portuguese
93015386 Punjabi (in Hindi script)
93015060 Quechua-Bolivia
93015061 Quechua-Peru
93015062 Quiche
93015064 Quichua-Ecuador
93015886 Rarotongan
93015171 Romanian
93015887 Rotuman
93015716 Ruandan
93015173 Russian
93015890 Samoan
93015202 Serbian
93015731 Shona
93015408 Sinhala
93015176 Slovak
93015177 Slovenian
93015891 Solomonese
93015734 Somali (Af Maxaa dialect)
93015739 Sotho South
93015004 Spanish Braille
93015002 Spanish
93015066 Sranan
93015743 Swahili
93015744 Swahili-Shaba
93015745 Swazi
93015180 Swedish
93015893 Tagalog
93015895 Tahitian
93015418 Tamil
93015421 Telugu
93015425 Thai
93015427 Tibetan
93015900 Tongan
93015901 Trukese (aka Chuukese)
93015760 Tshiluba
93015763 Tswana
93015186 Turkish
93015902 Tuvaluan
93015069 Tzotzil
93015192 Ukrainian
93015434 Urdu
93015435 Vietnamese
93015904 Waray (aka Samarenyo)
93015194 Welsh
93015072 Western Carib Creole
93015773 Wolof
93015774 Xhosa
93015905 Yapese
93015779 Yoruba
93015783 Zulu

So what I'm suggesting, is that if you have a non-LDS friend who speaks one of those languages, download the listing, see whats available, buy a copy of something in that language, and offer it to your friend.

Aside from the Book of Mormon, you have to place orders for languages other than English/Spanish/French by phone. They don't have all the foreign language stuff available on the internet. To order by phone call the LDS Distribution Center at 801-240-3800. (Save the church a buck if you have free long distance.) Or toll-free at 800-537-5971.

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At 9/19/2007 01:38:00 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

I don't have any non-English-speaking friends, but I love the Russian stuff and use Church materials (especially the new vocabulary) in my practice work. I was the only one in my Russian class who knew how to say "church" or "faith." ^_^ Thanks for putting that link up!

(and thanks to the folks at Distribution for putting the listings online -- now I won't have to order a new one or call for the new numbers every year!)

At 2/03/2008 04:13:00 PM, Blogger Alan said...

I have a ton of non-english speaking friends (but then I am "in the mission field") I am seriously looking for a copy of Gospel Principles in Russian. We have an investigator, whose husband is a member.. they have just joined us in Pamplona Spain.

Could anyone send me some PDF or other downloadable file (or link) to alan dot whitcomb at gmail dot com

At 2/11/2008 12:05:00 AM, Blogger Kenji JB said...

Where can i download a free book of mormon copy in tagalog (in Filipino)? Thank you.

At 2/11/2008 10:50:00 AM, Blogger Bookslinger said...

As far as I know, scriptures in Tagalog can't be downloaded, but you can buy them on CD-ROM at


Or try this link.

At 9/29/2010 08:24:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I can find a Nepali Gospel Principles book in PDF format?

At 5/21/2013 07:40:00 PM, Blogger John Pack Lambert said...

Considering when I was working at BYU's Cannon Center I had co-workers who were native speakers of Napali, Mongolian, Portuguese, Spanish and probably several other languages I find it hard to imagine anywhere where you would not deal with non-English speakers.

In my ward we have native speakers of Tagalog, Cambodian, Arabic, Chaldean, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and German. When I worked at Taco Bell we would regularly have customers speaking in Gujarati, Pungjabi and Hindi. There are plenty of Albanian speakers aroundwhere I live as well.

In my first area on my mission in Las Vegas we would have been helped a lot if the Book of Mormon had existed then in Amheric.


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