Sunday, August 19, 2007

Igbo to members. Sun, Aug 19, 2007.

08/19/2007. Journal entry. Yesterday, at the evening session of Stake Conference, the YSA branch president invited me to attend a fireside to be held tonight for the YSA's in the region. (I'm not YSA. I'm way past that age.) One of the speakers was to be a returned missionary from Nigeria. He's originally from Nigeria, and served in Ghana for his mission, and is now studying and working in the US. He's only in town for the summer with a sales job, and then goes back to Idaho.

So I met him and another Nigerian member who is here for the summer before the fireside, and got their names and cell phone numbers, and their permission to give out their names and numbers to any Nigerian people whom I meet, and who might be interested in the church.

After the fireside, I gave them each an Igbo and English pair of copies of the Book of Mormon to keep in their car, and give out to any Igbo speaking people they might run into.

I also gave one the phone number of a local bishop who has an Igbo-speaking lady from Nigeria in his ward, in hopes that they'll be able to visit her and give her encouragement.

The one who spoke gave a great talk about how his family joined the church, and some of his mission stories, and about how much early members of the church in Africa have sacrificed to be part of the gospel.

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