Monday, January 01, 2007

LDS Ward Mission Plan Ideas

Anyone can offer people a Book of Mormon, you don't have to be a full-time missionary or a ward missionary. You can give out pass-along cards, or an actual Book of Mormon. You don't even need a pass-along card, just write down 888-537-2200 on any piece of paper.

Offering and giving out pairs of copies of the Book of Mormon, in someone's native language and English is very easy to do, and is very well received. People love to receive something free in their original language, along with the English translation.

Quick start guide to give out copies of the Book of Mormon..

Tips, part 1.

Tips, part 2, goals and attitudes: don't think of it as regular "missionary work".

Tips, part 3, how to approach people who speak "only" English.

Tips, part 4, using videos as give-aways. Cheaper than a Book of Mormon!

How this started.

One reason why.

Languages represented in Indianapolis. Use as a starting point for your city.

Starting with Chinese restaurants.

Make custom pass-along cards for your ward. Version 2.

"Invite to church" cards.



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