Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Custom pass-along card, v2. Cheaper.

I received a coupon in email from staples.marktheworld.com for standard-template business cards, black ink on plain stock, for only $10 per 1,000, even cheaper than the previous ones I did for $16.99 per 1,000 at www.officedepot.com/, and cheaper than the 2.0 cents per that the church charges. But granted, the church's are full color, with nice pictures.

They don't have the exact same templates, but it's close enough.
Here it is:

802-9650 was the Indianapolis mission office phone number (now the local mission office number is 317-580-0479), and 888-537-2200 is the toll free number from the church's English Book of Mormon pass-along card.

I used template "JB4" for the above, at staples.marktheworld.com, and a coupon code to get the $10 price. Without the coupon, the price is $19.99/1,000 with free shipping. So if the coupon expires, go to www.officedepot.com, for a better price.

See my previous entry for more about custom business-card sized pass-along cards.

Here's the Spanish version. The x'ed out numbers are the phone numbers of the apartments of the missionaries who speak Spanish. The missionaries gave me permission to use those since no one at the office speaks Spanish.

custom Spanish Book of Mormon pass-along card

These are standard sized business cards, 3.5" wide, and 2" tall.

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