Friday, December 02, 2011

Shona at Post Office. Fri, Dec 2, 2011.

12/02/2011. 1304. After volunteering at the storehouse in the morning, I went to a Post Office to run an errand. As I was going in, two young adult women were leaving, and were speaking English, but with an accent. I turned around and went back out, and before they got in their car, and from a respectful distance, I asked where they were from. They said Zimbabwe. I asked if they spoke Shona. They said they did, and were surprised that I knew about Shona. I said there were a lot of Zimbabweans in town.

I said that the reason I asked is that my church has free books in many African languages, and that I had a free copy in Shona if they would like it. They agreed to see it, so I retrieved a Shona and an English copy from my car, and presented the books to them. They gratefully and enthusiastically accepted the books. I said there were phone numbers inside if the wanted another copy, or if they wanted to learn more.

It was a very pleasant encounter.

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