Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Spanish at restaurant. Tue, Nov 8, 2011.

11/8/2011. 1299. I had supper at a really good Mexican restaurant on the other side of town. It had been a while since I've been there. I forget if I had offered material there before, but the waitress was new, and I knew I hadn't given her anything.

After eating and paying, I was the only customer there, so I offered her a free Bible in Spanish and English and some other material from church. She agreed to receive them. I went out to my car and retrieved a Spanish New Testament, and English TNIV Bible, a Spanish Book of Mormon, and a multi-lingual "Special Witnesses of Christ" DVD.

She gratefully accepted them, and told me a little bit of her current spiritual and church investigation. I showed her the list of LDS chapels on an info flyer that I had put into one of the Bibles, and I pointed out the Spanish Branch, and the English speaking ward closest to where she lives.

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