Friday, March 26, 2010

Feed the mish'es, 3 contacts. Fri, Mar 26, 2010.

03/26/2010. Journal entry. The missionaries did the contacts, I bought lunch and facilitated. (I didn't make the offers, so I don't number it in my encounters.)

I was on my way to lunch, and saw a couple elders walking down the street. I turned around, pulled into a parking lot and called them over. They were about ready to take a lunch break, so I offered to take them to lunch.

One of the elders was from Honduras (the other was a US guy) so we chose a Central American restaurant nearby.

We met one of the office workers from their apartment complex, who was also patronizing the restaurant.

Anywho, we ordered, ate, I paid (and left a good tip), and the missionaries offered the waitress/cashier some material. I think she accepted a Spanish (and maybe an English) Book of Mormon, and a video.

We also flagged down another patron as he was leaving since the Honduran elder thought the guy was from Honduras, but he wasn't. He did accept a pass-along card and a pamphlet though. The missionaries play soccer on the west side of town, and this guy was a soccer player, so they invited him to the missionary soccer.

Right as we left, another lady left the restaurant. And if I understood correctly, she was the one who started a conversation with the elders on the sidewalk outside the restaurant. They offered her a Spanish Book of Mormon and a video, which she accepted, and she said she'd call them. We all chit-chatted in Spanish for a while, and it sounded to me like she really would call them.

I then dropped off the missionaries at their nearby apartment.

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