Sunday, February 07, 2010

Hindi, Tagalog and Tongan at Stake Conference. Sun, Feb 7, 2010.

02/07/2010. Journal Entry. (These were to members, so I don't number them along with other contacts.) While walking from the parking lot to the auditorium where Stake Conference was going to be held, I met two sister missionaries. I asked where they were from. One said Hawaii, and the other Texas. We chatted a bit on the way in.

Inside, while a friend and I were standing looking for people from our ward to talk to, we again encountered the sister missionaries, and continued conversing. The sister from Hawaii was originally from Tonga and spoke Tongan. She's in our mission sort of "on loan" from the Temple Square Mission. Sister missionaries from the Temple Square mission go out to "regular" missions for a couple months to get some of the "regular" mission experience.

She didn't have a Tongan Book of Mormon, and she agreed to receive one. I suggested she might meet someone who is Tongan.

I asked her companion where her family was originally from, and she said her mother was from the Philippines and her father was Eastern Indian. She didn't speak any of those languages except for a few words, but she agreed to receive a couple copies of the Book of Mormon in Tagalog and Hindi.

We had arrived early enough that I had time to go out to my car and retrieve those copies and give them to the sisters. They were excited about them, and I told them the story of meeting the Filipina member of the church at a Chinese restaurant in Tennessee last November, (#1206).

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