Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hallo Henderson, Nevada! We has ur mishunary.

07/19/2009. Journal entry. On Thursday I went to pick up the ward's two full-time missionaries to take them to the home of the couple who just got baptized. The senior companion, who had been in the ward for at least 6 months was just transfered out the day before. I made small talk with the new guy, where you from, etc, where's your family originally from, etc, Phillipines, do you speak Tagalog, no, but I can understand Ilokano. He was born in the states, but his older siblings and parents were born in the Phillipines, and his home ward is in Henderson Nevada.

When we're in the car, he starts asking me questions, asking if I blog etc. And it turns out he heard of me before he went on his mission. When he received his mission call to the Indiana Indianapolis mission, one of his ward members told him about me and this blog. Small world!

So a shout-out to the reader(s) in Henderson who "warned" their outgoing elder about me. We's got 'im!

(I just got back from, so dat's why the LOLspeak.)

Also a shout-out to the regular readers in Denver Colorado, Dayton Ohio, and Swedish American Hospital in Rockford Illinois.

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At 7/19/2009 09:15:00 PM, Blogger Michaela Stephens said...

Isn't it cool to know that you are having an impact like that? How exciting!

At 7/26/2009 03:50:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

...I love icanhazcheeseburger.

At 7/31/2009 12:31:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello from Henderson!!!

I'm the ward member who told Elder Adaog about you! I love reading about your missionary efforts. You and I share a passion for people and missionary work; I love reading about your experiences.

And we LOVE LOVE LOVE Elder Adaog. My husband was his high school choir teacher, and his sister is our favorite babysitter. We are blessed to know the Adaog family.

Angie Crowther
Newport Ward
Henderson, NV

At 7/31/2009 04:11:00 PM, Blogger Bookslinger said...

Thanks for checking in. Your ward prepared this guy well.


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