Thursday, June 04, 2009

Vietnamese contact, jogging. Thu, Jun 4, 2009.

06/04/2009. Journal entry. This is one of those things where I wonder "Was that inspiration or did I just imagine it?"

I was out jogging, and was going to do a route that I normally do, when I felt inspired to go in another direction. I ended up in the apartment complex of an investigator. But instead of knocking on his door, I just called him on my cell phone. I had planned on inviting him out to dinner that night anyway, so I was going to call to arrange a time. I felt like I should phone before cold calling at the door, but I ended up not going to his apartment anyway. So I wondered what the inspiration was for.

As I walked around a bit before I started my jog back home, I saw an Asian man who apparently lived there. I stopped and asked him if he was from Thailand. He didn't seem to understand English. I asked if he was from Cambodia. Nope. Then I asked if he was from Vietnam, and he said yes. He pointed to where he lived. I couldn't figure out what else to talk about, since he didn't seem conversant in English, so I said goodbye and started back home.

On Sunday the 7th, I gave a Vietnamese Book of Mormon to our ward's full-time missionaries and gave them his address, and what I thought his apartment number might be.

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