Friday, May 29, 2009

English at fitness center. Fri, May 29, 2009.

05/29/2009. 1150. I had gone to check something at my apartment's fitness center, not working out. I was in street clothes, not workout clothes. A 60-ish lady who I didn't recognize came in to exercise. She was a smiley person, and gave off a good vibe, kind of like a halo. I struck up a conversation with her, not with a placement in mind, but just to be chatty, and maybe give encouragement and be upbeat about exercising.

I helped her with some exercise and cardio-vascular tips. The conversation gravitated to the book she was reading, and then religion. She's a minister in a protestant church. Then we started talking about the LDS church, and some of the history. At some point she said she'd like to read the Book of Mormon, so I offered to get her one. Since she's a serious Bible student, I also offered her an LDS edition KJV Bible, because it has our footnotes and Topical Guide, which everyone else calls a "concordance." I also offered her the Sunday School manual, Gospel Principles. She agreed to receive all three, so I went to the car and my apartment and got them for her, and we exchanged calling cards.

[Follow-up to this story here.]

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