Monday, February 23, 2009

Fante, Twi, Arabic at restaurant. Mon, Feb 23, 2009.

02/23/2009. 1115. After I left the Chinese restaurant, I needed to make a left turn from the parking lot onto the street to get to the Big Lots store that I wanted to go to. But there was too much traffic to turn left, so I turned right, hoping to circle back.

At the first stop-light I turned right again, hoping to later make a third right, but the Spirit indicated that I should keep going on this street to have another encounter.

Just a block or two down the street, there was a fast-food restaurant on the left. It was a brand that I don't normally go to, and I don't think I've ever been to that chain. But the Spirit indicated I should go there for another book placement opportunity. I had just eaten, so I knew it wasn't my own desire to go there, and that was a clue that it was a real prompting.

I figured I could order something to go, save it and just eat it later.

Well, the cashier who took my order was a young black man with an accent. He was from a country in West Africa, and learned Twi and Fante while he was in Ghana. I offered him free books from church and he agreed to accept them. After paying and receiving my order, I took it out to the car and brought back in Twi, Fante, and English copies of the Book of Mormon. I presented them, and he graciously accepted them.

The manager joined the conversation, and I learned he spoke Arabic. I offered him an Arabic book, and he said okay. I made sure he knew it was a Christian book, and he said that was okay. So I went out to the car and retrieved Arabic and English copies of the Book of Mormon. He graciously accepted both.


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