Saturday, February 07, 2009

Chinese at restaurant. Fri, Feb 6, 2009.

02/06/2009. 1111. This was a road trip to visit a customer in another city, then on to visit family. I intended to stop for lunch somewhere along the Interstate highway. I felt inspired to take a certain exit at a small town, and was on the look-out for an ethnic restaurant. I found a Chinese place in the commercial district near the Interstate, entered, ordered a lunch combo, paid, and sat down. I placed a Chinese and an English Liahona on the table, along with both kinds of Chinese editions of the Book of Mormon, and an English Book of Mormon. I read the English Liahona while I waited.

When the lady brought my food, she noticed the material and commented about it. I said it's from my church, and it's free, and offered it to her. She accepted both the Chinese and English Liahona, and the simplified script Chinese Book of Mormon, but she politely declined to receive the English Book of Mormon. I wasn't able to quite get across the bilingual nature of using the Book of Mormon to learn to read English. This was a situation where a bilingual (diglot) Book of Mormon would really have come in handy.

Their grade-school or middle-school-aged son was milling about the restaurant, and he started a conversation, and I hoped he could catch the idea and explain it to his parents. He was bilingual in English and Chinese, and could read English, but couldn't read Chinese. But he wasn't interested in learning to read Chinese, or didn't think he could.

I had some DVD's and a bilingual Chinese/English New Testament, but kept those in my bag. It's worth a follow-up next time I make a trip that way, and I'll offer them the other material.

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