Wednesday, November 12, 2008

English DVD's at gas station. Wed, Nov 12, 2008.

11/12/2008. 1087. After checking out of the motel, I felt inspired to stop at this nearby gas station. I pulled in and bought something, either a soda or a newspaper. The cashier was a very sweet cheery lady with a very positive and bright attitude, but did not appear foreign born. I chickened out of offering her anything. There was no one in line behind me so, I could have.

I drove down the street a little, and possible scenarios of how to strike up a conversation played in my head. There was a Christ-like spiritual light about her, so it was obvious to me that she believed in Jesus Christ. Before I got back to the Interstate highway, the Spirit "cranked up the volume" and made it obvious that I was supposed to offer her something.

I drove back, and took in two DVDs, and got in line.

I offered her "Mr. Kreuger's Christmas" and "Joy to the World". She politely and graciously accepted them. I probably should have also offered a Book of Mormon using one of the conversation threads that had occurred to me, but I didn't.

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At 11/16/2008 12:29:00 AM, Blogger Lacey said...

I admire you for going back, sometimes that is the hardest! I served a mission in a foreign country, and for some reason have a harder time sharing the gospel with people who speak my native language, though I'm not sure why. Thanks for sharing this experience.


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