Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tamil at restaurant. Tue, Aug 19, 2008.

08/19/2008. 1054. I had lunch at an Indian restaurant. I took in several Indian translations of the Liahona magazine, but no copies of the Book of Mormon. I put them on the table while I ate, and at one point when the waiter came around, they caught his attention. I asked what languages he spoke, and he said Tamil. I had a Tamil Liahona with me, so I offered him that and he enthusiastically and gratefully accepted it. I made sure he knew it was Christian material from my church, and he said that was okay.

As I went back to the buffet, I could see that another member of the staff was reading it.

I also offered my waiter a free church book in Tamil, though I don't think I specifically said it was the Book of Mormon. He agreed to receive that too. And I said I'd get it from the car afterwards. After paying I went to the car and got Tamil and English copies of the Book of Mormon, and the English edition Liahona that corresponded to the Tamil issue I gave them. I went back in and presented them. Both my waiter, and another employee came up front. They were enthusiastic and grateful to have bilingual material to read. I pointed out to the other employee that it was Christian material from church, and that did not bother them. They just seemed very eager to have any bilingual Tamil/English material.

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