Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Telugu at gas station. Tue, Jul 29, 2008.

07/29/2008. 1042. I stopped to get gas at a gas station on my way to an appointment. It's one I've been to before, but not recently. I went in to pre-pay and went out to fill up. Then I went back in to buy a newspaper, and as I paid I was the only one there, so I asked the cashier where he was from. He was from India, and spoke Telugu as his regional language. I offered, and he accepted Telugu and English copies of Book of Mormon, so I brought them in from the car. Then the other cashier joined us and expressed interest. Both were very curious and positive. Since it wasn't too far from home, I went back home to get another Telugu Book of Mormon for the other guy, and I got some Telugu copies of the Liahona out too. I went back and present them.

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