Friday, June 06, 2008

Thai to member. Jun 6, 2008.

06/06/2008. Journal entry. I finished up at the storehouse and did some errands on that part of town. While shopping, I came across a part that I needed for a project at the storehouse, so I bought it, and decided to go back and install it while I was on that side of town.

When I got back to the storehouse, a group from a neighboring stake was gathering to use the dry pack cannery. One of the group was a sister whom I've met several times before at church singles events. She had already heard me tell some placement stories, so after I installed the part, I asked her if I could tell her and her friend what happened at lunch.

They said okay. So I told what happened, and explained to the other sister some of the overall picture. The first sister then asked if I had ever been to such-and-such Thai restaurant near where she lives. I said I had not. Since she had already eaten there several times, I suggested to her that she go there and offer them a Thai Book of Mormon and Thai Liahona magazine.

She liked the idea, so I sold her a Thai copy and an English copy of the Book of Mormon, and threw in a Thai Liahona magazine for free.

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