Friday, May 16, 2008

Chinese at restaurant (supper). Fri, May 16, 2008.

05/16/2008. 1024. After the training seminar in a nearby city, I stopped by another smaller Chinese restaurant for a late meal. (I drove by myself to/from the seminar.) We had gone to a nearby Chinese buffet for lunch.

I went in, went up to the counter, ordered and paid, sat down, and put out some material on the table, both kinds of Chinese Book of Mormon (traditional script and simplified script versions), a couple DVDs (Finding Happiness and Together Forever), and a Chinese edition of the Liahona magazine, along with the same issue in English.

When the cashier/waitress brought out my egg roll, I started a conversation and offered her the two copies of the Book of Mormon. She was interested and enthusiastic about them, and gratefully accepted them. She also accepted the Finding Happiness DVD.

Later, when she brought out the rest of my meal, I asked if she also spoke Cantonese (in addition to Mandarin), and when she said yes, I offered her the Together Forever DVD. That DVD has a Cantonese audio track, but not a Mandarin audio track. But it also has sub-titles in Chinese, so that Mandarin-only speakers could at least read the sub-titles. However, the sub-titles are in traditional script Chinese (the kind used in Taiwan and Hong Kong), so people from mainland China may have difficulty in reading them.

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