Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Missed opportunity, English, Korean. Road Trip Day 3. Wed, Jan 16, 2008.

01/16/2008. Journal Entry. Missed opportunity. The Spirit directed me to a McDonald's restaurant. I didn't see any opportunities at first, but then the Spirit indicated I was to offer one or both of the DVD's I had in my jacket pocket to an English-speaking customer who was waiting around. But I chickened out, and disobeyed. I feared that it would have been too awkward, and I gave in to my fear instead of following the inspiration.

974. Gave "Together Forever" DVD to English-speaking caucasian-american cashier at a gas station.

975. A few hours from home, stopped at a Korean restaurant to meet a friend and her daughter for supper. After paying, gave a "Finding Happiness" DVD to owner/waitress.

Since I only had two placements today, I think I grieved the Spirit by my disobedience at the McDonald's.

Trip summary: 38 contacts (#938 through #975). 3 missed opportunities.

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