Saturday, October 06, 2007

Samoan follow-up. 2 coincidences.

10/06/2007. I talked to the elders at the chapel as we were gathered to watch General Conference.

It turns out the Samoan lady that I met at a store on Wednesday and her family live in the same ward where the full time elder from Samoa is assigned. They are in the other ward that shares the chapel that I go to. She did call the phone number I had given her (the wrong one), but the elders passed her info on to the right elders, and the Samoan elder called and made contact with her family. He said they were excited about meeting him.

I told the Samoan elder I thought it was cool that her brother-in-law was already a member of the church. The Samoan elder then told me that her brother-in-law lives in his home ward back in Utah! I can't believe all the coincidences that lined up for that! WOO HOO!



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