Thursday, July 05, 2007

402309220002, or 4-02309-22000-2 ...

is the UPC number on the back of the hardcover Missionary edition of the Book of Mormon.

I wondered why the church started putting UPC stickers on the back of the Book of Mormon. I looked up the UPC number at the UPC database, and got this:

Dummy UPC

Dummy (number system 4) UPCs are for private use. This means anybody (typically a retailer) that needs to assign a UPC to an item that doesn't already have one, can use any number system 4 UPC it chooses. Most importantly, they can know that by doing so, they won't pick one that may already be used. So, such a UPC can and does mean something different depending on who you ask, and there's no reason to try to keep track of what products these correspond to.


The sticker uses a permanent adhesive on the back. So if you try to take it off, it will leave a gooey residue, and you'll need Goo Gone, or isopropyl alcohol to remove the residue, which will also remove the blue ink in the cover. So I've learned to just leave the stickers on.


At 7/05/2007 04:06:00 PM, Blogger NM said...

Hi Book,

I've posted this same thing on Mormanity, but I thought I might as well tell you the same =)

There's a website called The Gospel which has a few prominent Biblical Christian speakers talk about the Gospel - the good news. If you have time, please could you watch Tim Keller's "What Does Gospel Centered Ministry Look Like?". In it, he describes how (even Evangelicals) misinterpret the gospel as something that we need to do to attain salvation, rather than something which we simply believe, because it has already been done for us!

Thank you for humouring me with this one, and I hope you are well =)



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