Sunday, February 18, 2007

Stocking up the missionaries with Bibles. Sun, Feb 18, 2007.

02/18/2007. Today I stocked up the missionaries in our ward (one set) and the two sets of elders who serve in the other ward that shares the building. I gave each of the English speaking companionships four inexpensive paperback KJV Bibles, and an inexpensive paperback NIV Bible (in case anyone doesn't want a KJV). I gave the Spanish speaking companionship three paperback Spanish RVR-1960 Bibles (from American Bible Society), two of the KJV Bibles, and one of the NIV Bibles.

I use the inexpensive ($2.00 or so) paperback bibles from IBS and ABS because the least expensive English Bible from the LDS distribution center is $7.00. And the least expensive Spanish Bible from the LDS distribution center is $8.50.

The RVR-1960 is the official LDS Spanish Bible. The Spanish Bible available from the church's Distribution Center is in fact a hardcover RVR-1960 from American Bible Society.

Inside each Bible I put an info-flyer that lists the local chapels, a Book of Mormon pass-along card, a Bible pass-along card, a Finding Faith in Christ pass-along card. I mark (with a colored pencil) John 21:25, which hints at the possibility of other scriptures, and I put a custom Book of Mormon pass-along card there.

Not everyone is willing to accept a free Book of Mormon, but many people are willing to accept a free Bible.

Offering free Bibles goes a long way to illustrate that we do believe in the Bible. When Mormons offer people a free Book of Mormon, oftentimes the rejoinder is "What, don't you believe in the Bible?" So when I offer material to people who speak only English, I like to offer the Bible first, then ask "Would you like a free Book of Mormon to go with it? My church believes in both the Bible and the Book of Mormon."



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