Friday, February 09, 2007

Spanish, Korean, Mongolian. Fri, Feb 9, 2007.

02/09/2007. 789. I had lunch by myself at a Mexican restaurant. This is my second visit. This is near where I live. I'm trying a new approach for restuarants where I expect to return, so instead of offering material on my first visit, I'm going to try offering material on my 2nd visit, so that I'm not a 100% new stranger when I make the offer.

The attentive waitress moved quickly between between tables and I was not quick enough to start a conversation. I had my Spanish and English Books of Mormon in a bag on the chair next to me, and had the Spanish and English Liahona magazines on the table.

I ended up presenting the Spanish and English Liahona magazines to the cashier after I paid, and she cheerfully accepted them. I hope I didn't make the waitress jealous, but I plan on going back there anyway, and will take more magazines and copies of the Book of Mormon.


02/09/2007. 790. While running errands I passed a store I hadn't been to in a long time. I bought some food, and found out the owner was an acquaintance of a former customer. We chatted a bit, and I offered him a Korean Liahona magazine, and he accepted. I found out one of the employees there was Mongolian. I didn't offer him any material, but I got his name and number, and gave it to a local friend from Mongolia who recently joined the church. It made his day (my friend) because he didn't know any other Mongolians in town, and now he knows there is a small Mongolian community in town, and is in contact with them.

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