Monday, February 12, 2007

Chinese at restaurant. Mon, Feb 12, 2007

02/12/2007. 793. I went to a nearby Chinese buffet restaurant for lunch. I wanted to ask the waitress if she read the simplified script Chinese Book of Mormon I had given her the previous time. But when I held the book to show her what I was asking about, she probably thought I was giving her another copy, and she took it. She apparently doesn't speak much English outside of restaurant vocabulary. She showed the cashier and they put it back at the waitress station.

After paying, I talked to the cashier, who seemed pretty fluent in English, and I explained that I had already given the waitress a copy before, and just wanted to know if she read and liked it, but that they could keep the one today. The cashier wanted a copy too, and when she understood that the one I gave them today was the same as before, she said she'd just take that one.

I offered the cashier an English copy. At first she declined, but when I explained the concept of reading them together, she seemed to understand, and accepted it.

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