Sunday, February 11, 2007

Arabic, Persian, Turkish at gas station. Sun, Feb 11, 2007.

02/11/2007. 792. I was on the way home from a late session at the laundromat. I stopped to get gas and buy an early edition of the Sunday paper. It was Saturday night, but it was slightly past midnight, so it was Sunday morning.

I bought gas, paid at the pump, and went inside to get the newspaper. I had to look around to find them, and another customer pointed them out to me. He spoke with an accent, so I struck up a conversation and asked where he was from and what languages he spoke. I offered him some free copies of the Book of Mormon in his languages and he agreed to see them. After I brought them in and gave them to him, he said his car had broken down, and he needed a ride to get his other car at a house just a few minutes away. He seemed like a professional type person, so I felt safe in giving him a ride.

We chatted some more on the ride over, and while waiting for his other car to warm up. He told me about his business and invited me to stop by to talk more. He mentioned that he knows some Mormons and that they're nice people. I plan on stopping by his business soon.

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