Tuesday, December 05, 2006

French and Wolof at home improvement store. Tue, Dec 5, 2006.

12/05/2006. 764. A lady friend and I went to a home improvement store to shop for some utility cabinets to supplement the cabinets in the kitchen of my new apartment. She also has a vehicle with enough room to transport a large box.

We picked out an assemble-yourself free-standing cabinet. I went to get a cart, and she flagged down a couple employees to load it on our cart. One of them spoke with an accent, so I asked where he was from. He said Senegal, and his co-worker was from Senegal too.

I asked "Parlez vous francais?", and he said oui. I then asked "Parlez vous Wolof?" and he said oui. He then asked, in French, if I spoke Wolof, and I said "Tuuti Wolof rek laa degg" which means "I only speak a little Wolof."

I offered them the Book of Mormon in French, and our Sunday School manual in Wolof, and they agreed to see them. I said we'd pay for the cabinet, take it out, and come back with the books. I gave them my calling card and a home-made pass-along card in case we couldn't find them later.

Oh, and it might have helped that my lady friend is from Africa too. She's one of the stalwards of the local LDS community. She and her family have been members for over 27 years.

We got the cabinet out to her vehicle, and I retrieved the books from my car. I got them French and English Books of Mormon, Wolof and English copies of the Joseph Smith testimony pamphlet, and Wolof copies of Gospel Fundamentals. My car inventory was out of English Gospel Fundamentals, and I've lost track of them in the move. The local info-flyer with the chapels and meeting times was in all the books.

We went back in and found them again, and presented the books to them. They were very very pleased. One of them said "jere jeff" to me which is Wolof for "thank-you." And when I replied "amul solo", which is Wolof for "you're welcome", they seemed even more happy.

I'll have to find my English Gospel Fundamentals and go back, and invite them to visit church.

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