Saturday, December 09, 2006

English at gas station. Sat, Dec 9, 2006.

12/09/2006. 766. Before I actually moved to my new apartment, I had heard that there were some Spanish-speaking members living at the same apartment complex. Today, as I was contemplating on whether to go to our stake's Christmas musical program tonight, I thought that it wasn't worth the drive just for myself. So I called some members whom I knew and tracked down the Spanish-speaking members who lived nearby.

I ended up taking a single mother and her teenage daughter to the stake Christmas music program. It worked out well because both mother and daughter had a good time, and were able to socialize after the event with friends they haven't seen in a while.

As we were heading home, I felt a "tug" to stop at a particular gas station along the way. I was thinking of taking them home first, then buying gas for tomorrow, but the tug became stronger. I bought gas, paying at the pump, then went inside to buy a newspaper. The cashier was "just" an English-speaking lady, so I was going to write off the whole thing as my imagination. But after turning to head to the door, I felt the "tug" again, turned to look at her, and I felt as if she was the one to whom I should offer material.

I was able to stop myself after just one step, so it was not awkward, and there was no one else in line, so a quick conversation would not be out of place. I told her that I like to give out Bibles, and asked if she wanted one. She said she could use one. I asked if she'd like a King James or a more modern translation. She said she used to have a King James and liked that.

I then said that our church believes in the Bible and the Book of Mormon, and asked if she'd like to have a free Book of Mormon too. She said okay without any hesitation or reluctance.

I said I'd retrieve them from my car, and went back outside, and got them from my car, and went back in. There were still no customers in line, so it was cool. I presented the paperback KJV Bible (only $2 from American Bible Society) first, and then handed her the Book of Mormon, holding the folded info flyer (with chapel addresses and times) on top of it.

She asked something like "What's the difference in the Mormon Bible?" I repeated that we use both, and that we don't call the Book of Mormon a bible, we just say "Book of Mormon." I explained that the Book of Mormon has prophets and people who believed in God and Jesus Christ just like the Old Testament and New Testament had prophets and people who believed in God and Jesus Christ.

I pointed out the mission office phone number on the info-flyer, calling it the "regional office." I hope that's not too much of a simplification. And said that my card was in the Book of Mormon, and suggested she call me to let me know what she thinks of it.

Back in the car, the mom was still on her cell phone, but apparently the daughter had been observing me, and said what I did was cool.

Unless I was imagining it, the cashier did seem to give off some spiritual light, and may have been ready. But perhaps the "tug" for the book placement may have also been for an example to the daughter. The mother and daughter are both converts of just a few years.

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