Monday, November 27, 2006

Filipino at nursing home. Mon, Nov 27, 2006.

11/27/2006. 759. I went to visit someone at a nursing home in the next town over. His roommate was receiving some kind of therapy, and while waiting on the therapy machine, the therapist was free to chat. I mentioned something about his name, which was prominently displayed on his name tag, and asked where his family was from. He said the Philippines. I asked, in Tagalog, if he spoke Tagalog, and he did, plus a couple other languages. We chit-chatted about the local Filipino club and other stuff.

Due to moving, I didn't have my Book of Mormon inventory in my car. I normally have all the Filipino language Books of Mormon in my car. Murphy's Law. So I gave him one of my custom-made pass-along cards* and my calling card, that I keep in my wallet. I said I'd bring some copies of the Book of Mormon next time I visited, and leave them for him at the front desk if he wasn't there.

When he had to go back to working on my friend's roommate, I switched back to conversing with my friend.

* The church's pass-along cards are an odd-size, and are not convenient for men to carry in their wallet. So I went online to Office Depot and used one of their online standard templates, and designed one, and bought two boxes of 1000 for $15.99 per box, including shipping. You design it and see a proof online, and they ship directly to you. No need to go to the store.

I chose the template that has a main line, a small line under the main line, and text in the four corners.

The main line says: Free Book of Mormon (use a large point size)
The sub-main line says: Another Testament of Jesus Christ
The upper left corner says: From The Church / of Jesus Christ / of Latter-day Saints
The lower left corner says: Available in over / 100 languages.
The upper right corner says:
The lower right corner says: Indianapolis: 317-802-9650 / Toll Free: 888-537-2200
( / = line break )

That's the Indianapolis Mission office, and that 888 number is on the church's official Book of Mormon pass-along card.

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