Monday, November 27, 2006

Chinese x 2 at buffet. Mon, Nov 27, 2006.

11/27/2006. 760. On my way home from the nursing home, I felt "tugged" into a strip mall containing two restaurants that I've been to before. At first I thought it was to the Thai restaurant, since I've recently been to the Chinese buffet there. I parked, and then remembered that I didn't have any Thai copies of the Book of Mormon, nor any Thai Liahonas. I was about to leave, but then I felt a strong tug to the Chinese buffet, even though I've recently been there. It then dawned on me that the evening staff might be different than the day staff, or that I could still have a different waitress even if the staff was the same.

I had taken my boxes of books out of the car, but had left in the Chinese book bag, so that was do-able.

My waitress was indeed someone to whom I had never offered a book, so it worked out. I put them on the table, and while retrieving food, and looking back, I could tell she went by just to read the titles.

On one of her trips to remove my used plate, I made the offer, and I also used the phrase that one of the commenters on this blog taught me, "gay nee," which means "give you." That seemed to help, and she accepted the simplified script copy and an English copy.

On another trip back, I offered her another pair for a friend, and she accepted a traditional scrip Chinese copy and an English copy for a friend from Hong Kong.

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