Thursday, February 09, 2006

Sad history of anti-mormonism.

I recently purchased the 4 volume set of "They Lie in Wait to Deceive" from the FAIRLDS bookstore.

Robert L. and Rosemary Brown expose and skewer phony "doctors" of divinity and others who spread tired old anti-mormon myths.

The Browns do an excellent detailed job with transcripts of radio addresses and photocopies of documents and letters.

I think the "They Lie in Wait to Deceive" series deserves a place on every LDS apologist's bookshelf. $23.90 plus $4.90 shipping.


At 2/10/2006 03:26:00 AM, Blogger The Wrath said...

So true. There seems to be a concerted disinformation campaign against LDS that continues (perhaps even enhanced) today. Good to know what the myths are so we can aggressively confront them.

By the way-- I posted this in a previous comment but I'll repeat it here, since I think it's important for Mormons deciding on where to do missionary work. I sense that Europe is prime territory for the Mormon faith to spread and flourish, since many Europeans are tiring of secularism and want to revisit religious faith. Among European countries, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy are decent places to go. However, from talking to many who've gone abroad, my sense is that Germany and Austria are the two best and most receptive countries in the world for missionary work these days, with a veritable "little Great Awakening" taking place in them.

Most Germans are relatively favorably disposed to Mormons in general, and there seems to be a sort of cultural affinity that can help the LDS faith to spread there. In fact, I know of some LDS members who have immigrated to Germany from the US (as well as to Austria, and to France to a lesser extent), and are raising their kids there. The culture resembles the best of the USA in many ways, the nation is modern and efficient, the people are both warm and very productive, and there's a high immigrant population with great diversity. Furthermore, of course, for Mormons there's also the opportunity to spread the Gospel.

Germany and Austria should be very high on any Mormon's priority list for missionary work, and even as destination countries for immigration. The more of a Mormon population we have resident there, leading by positive example, the more converts we will obtain.


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