Saturday, February 04, 2006

A follow-up. Sat, Feb 4, 2006.

02/04/2006. Our stake center is about a 45 minute drive from where I live, so I like to take advantage of such trips to find new opportunities and follow up at previous locations where I made placements.

On the way to and from Saturday evening session of Stake Conference I took note of some of the ethnic restaurants in the neighborhood of the stake center. Near the main intersection, there's an Indian restaurant and a Korean/Japanese restaurant on one quadrant, a sit-down Chinese restaurant on another quadrant, and a Chinese buffet on the third quadrant.

After stake conference I bought gas at a station that I hadn't been to before. I didn't see any opportunities there. When I buy gas now, I don't fill up the tank. One reason is that I don't want to make the car too heavy because of all the books I carry around. Another reason is to have the ability to buy gas should the Spirit prompt. I realize some may think that silly, but it happens.

I then stopped at a second gas station where I had made placements before, hoping for a follow-up, and got some hot chocolate, but didn't see any obvious opportunities. But, I've felt a bit guilty about not striking up a conversation with the English-speaking anglo cashier, which indicates it might have been an opportunity. He seemed rather humble, and may have been receptive to a pass-along card.

A few miles down the road on the way to the Interstate I stopped at a third gas station where I had made several placements before. I went inside to prepay for fuel, and recognized the cashier who previously accepted books and perhaps a DVD. We practiced a little French and Wolof. If I gave him a DVD previously, it would have been "Together Forever" which has a French audio track. This time I gave him "Heavenly Father's Plan" which also has a French audio track.


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